This Is What Top Of Foot Pain Looks Like

Published: 10th January 2012
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Top of foot pain by the numbers is caused by a number of different conditions and problems, and this is common amongst athletes. To be able to identify the causes is your first step towards curing the problem. Make sure that the right treatment and intervention is given in order to avoid any worsening condition.

Our feet are the most important parts of our body, and that's why you need to take good care of our feet by using the right support. You must wear the right shoes or, you will suffer from things like calluses, corns and worse foot pain.

One of the first things is to do with top of foot pain is observe its development, if it continues to worsen do not hesitate to visit a podiatrist to help stop the problem.

Some of the people who experience these types of foot issues are hikers, runners, and even from something as easy as walking or strolling. It is important to understand your foot pain along with the causes and treatments to help you in the future.

There is no need to live with top of foot pain anymore when arch supports can give you almost instant relief, but if it continues you may actually have a more severe problem with your feet, if your feet are swollen or very tender when bearing weight on them you may have some stress fractures.

Fortunately, most stress fractures occur on the under side surface of the foot or heel, but can be found on the top of the foot as well. This can develop from the constant weight bearing pressure of from running.

Here are three main stress fracture symptoms that are most common and you should watch for.

Pain when baring weight on the foot.
Swelling of the foot along with redness.
Bruising on top of foot or around the sides like black n blue.

There can be many causes for these symptoms to lead you to your diagnosis, so to help eliminate the possibilities of the pain you will need to narrow down the location and the cause to give an accurate picture of your symptoms.
Shoes play a huge role in your foot health and you should pay close attention when tying your shoes to Tight, because this can cause you circulation and bruising to your foot, and I'm surprised that no one mentions this that much, because this is very important for runners.

Good arch supports will help eliminate excessive pronation by supporting your arches and bring your feet into proper alignment will help to keep your feet in their ideal position, never mind what it will do for the rest of your body.

Another kind of discomfort comes from the muscles which become swollen around mid foot which is known as an extensor tendonitis. The reason for this problem is actually caused from trouble with the Achilles tendon.

This is when the tendon swells which causes more compression and irritation of the tendons in your foot, and you will need to see a doctor along with medications, footwear modifications, and orthotics for your shoes. Remember your foot consists of many bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles and caring for your feet is very important.

Foot exercises are a big part of keeping your feet healthy and in good shape start by doing some plantar fascia stretches. Be seated in a chair while crossing your legs at the knee with the affected foot on top, grab your painful foot by the toes and pull them towards you slowly and methodically while holding your other hand at the heel. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 5 to 10 times.

Lastly this is probably the best solution for sport type injuries. It is called KT tape trusted by many athletes for all types of injuries such as.

Runners use for top of foot pain
Runners knee
Shin splints
Hamstring strain and much more

KT (Kinesiology Therapeutic) Tape is a strong, elastic athletic tape that helps reduce muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance to prevent further injuries. click the link below for part 2 of instructions on how to apply KT tape for top of foot pain.

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